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Human Resource Outsource is a national HR Outsourcing service specializing in the negotiation and delivery of outsourced business HR related services such as workers compensation insurance, payroll processing, medical/dental/life insurance benefits and related Human Resource management functions. Our Human Resource Outsourcing options include:

Why you need us!

Are you a Senior Manager or Business Owner? If you are, you realize that your ability to survive and prosper is based upon decisions that are well thought out in advance of tomorrow’s challenges. The business environment gets tougher laws, new regulations, higher taxes, higher insurance costs….Do you deal with these challenges on your own or do you find professional help that can guide you through the choices and changes needed to make your business competitive for long term prosperity? You realize that HR outsourcing is the answer to substantial cost savings that will allow you to compete profitably, but you’re not sure where to start. So much to think about Do you attempt to investigate and negotiate with several companies and numerous choices on your own or do you get a professional service that knows the industry and the mind boggling options in a way only experts can? Someone that can give you unbiased, knowledgeable guidance and present you with choices from the best companies around? Allow Human Resource Outsource to dedicate our wealth of industry knowledge and resources to your HR Outsourcing effort. If we don’t help you find the best choice for your needs, we don’t make a dime. If we do, then the provider of choice compensates Human Resource Outsource exclusively...No direct, upfront cost to you!

Are you an Insurance Agent trying to help a client? You’ve been tasked with the responsibility of finding your client the “right” company to do business with. You realize the weight of your responsibility, but you really don’t know where to start. So many choices….so many ways to make the “wrong” choice at your clients expense. Don’t worry! Human Resource Outsource can help you find the best companies to provide the right services at the right price to fit your clients needs. We only partner with top-tier organizations that have proven track records and years of qualified experience. Our partners are large, well funded organizations that your client can count on for the best HR Outsourcing Services and products at the best rates. We deliver long-term strategies, client focused products and fair commissions that guarantee client satisfaction and long term commitment. Find out more...

Why we can help you!

You could go it alone, but why risk making a mistake on a decision that is so important and so difficult to change? Choose the wrong HR outsourcing organization and it could cost you and your company time, money and morale! Human Resource Outsourcing can be as simple as outsourcing payroll or as complex as outsourcing payroll, benefits, workers compensation and a wide array of other pertinent services. The true costs can be very difficult to configure and compare. That’s why you need our expert, knowledgeable guidance to determine the right fit for you! Our HR Outsourcing professionals will guide you and your team from provider choice to service implementation and beyond.

  • Choosing the wrong HR Outsourcing Service can cost thousands $$$
  • Choosing the right HR Outsourcing Service can save thousands $$$

Whether you’re the owner of a small company or part of a large organization, you’re constantly aware of operational costs. That’s why you’re interested in the potential benefit possibilities of outsourcing important parts of your business. You understand that there’s opportunity for great reward in your quest to outsource, but you also know the risk of a wrong turn. Its mind boggling, difficult work, sifting through the companies and services available and comparing rates is nearly impossible! Its not just financially complicated, its service confusing….HRO’s Human Resource Outsourcing, ASO’s Administrative Service Orgaization, PEO’s Professional Employer Organization…. and the list goes on. Make a mistake and you could cost your company in more ways than you’ve thought….higher unemployment costs, higher workers compensation costs, higher benefits costs, higher payroll processing costs or even potential legal costs. That’s why we're here to make sure you make the right choice based on quality and relevance of services provided and costs combined.

In a challenging environment of fierce competition and government regulation, you cant afford not to outsource parts of your business that can be done more efficiently by specialists. HR Outsourcing allows your business and your management to concentrate on core business components that drive competitive advantage. Help from HR Outsourcing professionals allows you to clearly understand and take advantage of cost focused, proactive efforts to streamline all of your HR related and payroll related expenses. That’s where the pros at Human Resource Outsource come in.

How we can help you!

We understand everything related to HR outsourcing. We know the companies and the people that provide the services. We understand the details, the product comparisons and the pricing methods. We do the painstaking analysis to align your needs with the right service provider and potential partners. We connect you with companies that know what it takes to satisfy your exact product and service requirements. We help you select and then negotiate exclusively with top-tier providers that have years of service experience, solid financial stability and core services that will fit your needs like a glove. So, whether you need HR Outsourcing Services for your own company or your clients, Human Resource Outsource can be the difference between swimming upstream though waves of scary, complicated choices or swimming downstream towards the safety and security of a well-defined, thoroughly scrutinized, well-vetted provider choice.

If you’re a Senior Manager or Business Owner, you understand benefits that are laid out in a clear and simple way. The benefits of Human Resource Outsourcing are:

  • It saves you money- You could potentially save on workers compensation costs, unemployment insurance costs, benefits costs, HR administrative costs, potential HR related legal premium/claim costs and more.
  • It saves you time- Focus on your core business and your core competencies. Let HR professionals take on the burden of payroll processing, benefits administration and time consuming Human Resource Department functions.
  • Get better benefit product choices and selection- Get big company benefits and services at small company prices from insurers of all types.
  • Improve in house communication and safety- Get professional services that are knowledgeable and dedicated to employee safety and improvement. Improve workers compensation costs by educating your staff and managing your claims.
  • Reduce liability claims- Most providers include EPLI insurance coverage in your package. Reduce the worry of harassment claims through management training and secure coverage.
  • Save time by eliminating lesser class providers from consideration. We find you true professional outfits that won’t jerk you around with low-ball quotes that lead to poor service and potentially higher costs.

If you’re an Insurance Agent, you realize the importance of selecting the right provider for your client. Your reputation is on the line, so finding a solid company that will service your client right is foremost in your thoughts. We help you breathe easy. If you partner with the professionals at Human Resource Outsource, you get smart, committed effort and strategies that guarantee client satisfaction. No short term pricing tactics, no false promises, no bull! ….just clear, simple support. You get:

  • Knowledgeable professionals that know the industry, the best providers, the best services and the right rates for all three.
  • Option/choices of best in class providers- We have established relationships, experience and a true understanding of the differences in all providers. We know the pros and we know the cons.
  • Time savings- We do the hard work for you. We do the research, we compare the needs, we evaluate the differences and we help you close the deal. You get more business with much less effort. It’s a clear win/win!
  • You keep your clients- We give your clients the guidance they deserve. They get more options and greater savings. You get the credit and the long-term client retention. What more can you ask for….Find out more...

What are my HR Outsourcing Service options?

(HR-BPO) Human Resources - Business Process Outsourcing - Outsourcing – HR BPO is a logical extension of the trend toward outsourcing and the inclination of companies to delegate individual functions. In HR BPO, the company outsources the complete responsibility for an integrated set of functions such as Benefits Administration, Payroll Management and general Human Resources Administration to a third party. HR-BPOs offer:

  • Compensation administration
  • Benefits administration
  • Payroll administration
  • Time and expense reimbursement
  • Employee data and records management
  • HR information technology / HR information systems
  • Employee and manager self-service technology
  • Workforce analytics
  • Expatriate administration
  • Domestic relocation
  • Policy and legal compliance

(HRO) Human Resource Outsourcing - HROs are perfect for larger organizations that are looking for ways to reduce costs without losing the direct employee/employer relationship. (no co-employment) Technology is usually a big driver along with the need to reduce in house HR support and overhead. Service components outsourced vary depending on requirements. Most HROs allow for very flexible product and service combination/offerings. HROs offer:

  • Self-Service or supported HR and payroll related technology
  • Scalability
  • Employee education and training
  • Recruiting services
  • Benefits management and administration
  • Payroll services
  • Risk management
  • HR management

(PEO) Professional Employer Organization - PEOs give you the help you need to minimize costs and maximize efficiencies via a complete HR outsource model. The model is called a “co-employment” relationship. The advantage of the relationship comes in potential lower workers compensation rates, unemployment rates and insurance benefit rates. In a PEO, employees are paid directly by the PEO. Clients are billed for all services, including payroll, benefits, unemployment insurance, workers compensation and other outsourced costs. PEOs offer:

  • Payroll outsourcing and payroll platform connectivity
  • Workers’ compensation payments/ claims management
  • Wide array of Insurance Benefit Options
  • Payroll tax compliance and other compliance requirements
  • Unemployment tax payments/claims management
  • In house HR staff support and client manager support
  • EPLI insurance coverage to protect you from employee liability claims

(ASO) Administrative Services Organization - ASOs are the same as PEOs in terms of options, except they use their own workers compensation and benefits plans. There is no co-employment relationship. ASOs offer:

  • Payroll outsourcing and tax compliance services
  • Benefits administration services
  • Professional insurance and risk management services

(PSP) Payroll Service Provider - Payroll service outsourcing reduces costs, workload, and valuable time. That gives your management more time to focus on business operations and employee needs. Payroll Services offer:

  • Prepare, audit and deliver payroll; maintain records
  • Provide direct deposit
  • Observe and comply with payroll and tax laws
  • Prepare and file government compliance forms

(PAYGO Payroll) Pay as You Go Workers Compensation/Payroll Service - If your needs are focused on workers compensation exclusively, we’ll connect you with the best workers compensation sources around. Outsource your payroll processing and pay for work comp. over time! Save time and money! Pay as you go offers:

  • Easy start/entry with auto renew
  • Quick pricing
  • Very competitive rates
  • Acceptance of higher risk clients
  • Zero premium deposits and very low initial cost
  • Easy to understand reporting on a monthly basis

Why should I engage Human Resource Outsource?

Because you can’t afford not to! We make the difference that saves you time, effort and money. It doesn’t matter if you're a Business Owner, a Business Manager or an Insurance Agent, picking the right HR Outsourcing service is a critical decision. Making the right choice can save you thousands $$$, but picking the wrong one can cost you wasted time, wasted money and maybe even a wasted reputation. Don’t take that chance!

Get help from the experts at Human Resource Outsource!